When Gerda’s friend Kay is taken by the Snow Queen no one knows what’s happened, but the heartbroken Gerda decides she must set out to find him.
A long and dangerous journey ensues, as Gerda battles to escape from a sorceress, is captured by robbers, meets a prince and princess, enlists the help of a friendly crow and reindeer and finally reaches the Snow Queen’s icy palace. But is she too late to melt Kay’s frozen heart? Only her love is strong enough to try…

Michael Whitmore’s delightful adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s magical tale conjures up a captivating mix of fantasy, fable and love triumphing over evil in this ever popular Christmas classic.

There will be 2 shows available to watch these will be at 11am and 2pm, the show is around 1.5 hours long this includes a 15 min interval.

Tickets are available from Stanley Park Visitor Centre or you can call 01253 478358.

Adults £6,

Conc. £4,

Child £3.