Having children we always wondered how will we cope! Are you ever “ready” and are you ever “prepared”?

The answer is no!  So, we have filled our website with products we LOVE and which can help you “wing” parenthood just the way we did!

These products have all been used by us, and other parents and of course have been tested by our own Little Ronnie and his pals.

HappyHopperz® is a collection of bright, inflatable animal toys that not only rival the Space Hoppers of the 1970’s

but take BOUNCING to a whole new level.

Created with ears & horns for children to grip on to and feet to steady the bounce, these wonderful kids’ toys come in a variety of different animal styles and colours that give ‘Old Macdonald’ a run for his money!

Not only are these loveable toys fun to play with but they also help children strengthen core muscles, increase balance control and develop co-ordination skills. They encourage imaginative play, promote physical exercise and develop self-confidence.



This clever little teething mittens is made from flexible silicone for soft chew factor so there’s no more chapped, sore fingers! It fits neatly over baby’s hands and attaches securely with a Velcro strap, this prevents the teething mitten




Size – Newborn

Beautifully soft material, hand designed for a little one!

Perfect gift for anyone having a baby, or knowing someone having a baby.

purchase to celebrate and capture the perfect moment. Simply pack in your hospital bag for your first ever photo, or take it when you are more settled at home

from hitting the floor, and baby getting frustrated




Track your baby’s growth with these adorable laser engraved milestone photo props.

They come in a pack of 14, one for each month Including one for baby’s first smile and one for the big one week celebration. A perfect baby shower gift!

The plaques are sanded down to ensure each one is nice and smooth for tiny little hands.




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