Handcrafted, responsibly sourced celebration cakes by Ness Bolton.



Boutique Bakes and Cakes is owned and managed by Ness Bolton who has sound experience in baking and cake decoration.



Boutique Bakes and Cakes offers a broad range of cakes and sweet treats all made from the highest quality organic and Fair Trade ingredients made to suit the customer down to the smallest detail.

Ness has been a home baker and sugarcraft hobbyist for many years and loves nothing more than crafting away with sugar and chocolate for others to enjoy.

Boutique Bakes and Cakes offers a full range of Celebration Cakes at very competitive prices.

Handcrafted, responsibly sourced ingredients for celebration cakes. Weddings, Christenings, Anniversary, Birthdays, Pre-Order decorated/corporate cupcakes.


Established since 2013 – Ness Bolton is registered with HMRC in the UK as a sole trader.

Boutique Bakes and Cakes is registered with Wyre Borough Council in the UK as the premises for manufacturing food and more specifically, cakes and sweet baked goods.


Contact Ness to discuss your celebration requirements

Email: nessbolton@gmail.com