Lighthouse Wellbeing offers relaxed, beautiful individual treatments based on the Fylde Coast.

I offer KORE Therapy which combines extremely beneficial Eastern and Western assessments and treatments. Using Muscle Tests I can identify problems in the nervous system that are often caused by physical imbalances.

By using various techniques and treatments including Spinal release, Tui Na ( Chinese Massage), Cranial Balancing, Cupping and more, I can see positive changes in both your physical and emotional health, allowing your body to heal itself and bring your body back to balance.
Each client has their own bespoke treatment plan for each session developed based on their Muscle Tests and assessment, history, diet, personal symptoms and more.

KORE therapy is suitable for any age!

Effective treatment for:

Neck issues
Digestive issues
Joint pain
Back pain
Sport injuries and more…


“I can honestly say Susie is a miracle worker.”

“Amazing treatment! Where no other treatment has worked”


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