The Pregnancy Emporium idea was conceived by Janine Davis in March 2017. 

The Pregnancy Emporium specialises in pre and postnatal care through massage, treatments, exercise and parent & baby classes. With pregnancy and baby massage amongst some of the most popular treatments, The Pregnancy Emporium now has new offerings with Holistic Scar Therapy and Holistic Core Restore classes.
Holistic scar therapy focuses on the healing and repair of csection, hysterectomy and abdominal scarring, through massage, exercise and nutrition.
Holistic core restore offers 9 bespoke programmes for pelvic floor and core restoration. This could support you during your pregnancy, during the 4th trimester, csection or even through diastasis repair.
The Pregnancy Emporium can support you on your pre and postnatal journey no matter where you currently are. Full consultations will be completed to ensure you get the right guidance and support.