I’m A Mini – Our Story

Motivate Interest, Nurture Ideas

The real world or the virtual world, which do you prefer?

I’m Rebecca, the owner and creator of I’m A Mini, a collection of fun and educational activity boxes which offer amazing experiences of learning through play. Our aim is to motivate a child’s interest and nurture their ideas through exploring the world around them.

My idea for these boxes came about from nursery rhyme activity packs that my daughter was bringing home from school for the weekend. It got me thinking that you could have different packs based on many themes such as mini beasts, weather, transport, buildings etc. So, I got to work creating weekend activity packs for the reception children at my daughters’ school. After receiving great feedback from both the school and parents my idea developed into what I’m A Mini is today.

I began designing boxes based on different careers and hobbies for example Astronaut, Baker and ensured they provided children with a variety of elements that covered four different aspects:





In other words, LIFE! Kids love to learn about and explore the real world around them!

However, as I was creating my designs whilst being a full-time mum to my three young children and suffering with a bout of post-natal depression, I had no idea how to make them into a reality. So, in May 2016, I got in touch with the Prince’s Trust and in the August of 2016, I completed their Enterprise programme. The programme gave me the knowledge and tools to begin turning my idea into a business. The Prince’s Trust have been an incredible support and continue to be. As of October 2017, I launched my business with the Prince’s Trust and as a result, it has changed my life from being a full-time mum, that was struggling, to now running my own business alongside still being mum! It’s given me the opportunity to focus on doing something for myself and has given me a bit of my own identity back.

My three children have been a huge inspiration for my business. They see the world so differently, they see adventure in everything and are always curious about the world around them. They have helped me with ideas for the boxes, especially my eldest daughter, who has also designed my logo, which is an image of her and her siblings. In my eyes, it’s perfect as they are the reason I’m doing this.

I want to show my children, that you should never give up on your ambitions and to pursue your dreams. I wouldn’t be where I am now, if I hadn’t had left work to become a full-time mum – you never know where things can lead. Surely, its better to say that you tried than always have the question ‘what if?’

Follow your dreams! I am and I want to encourage all children and adults to believe in themselves and follow their own dreams and ambitions.

Please see below for our range of boxes – more will be added in the future.

I’m A Mini Astronaut

Your child’s space adventure begins here! They can enter into the world of space using their space kit and activity scrapbook. We hope they enjoy exploring the night sky and seeing what they discover.

The I’m A Mini Astronaut box include:

  • My I’m A Mini Astronaut Scrapbook (includes activities and Certificate of Achievement)
  • A Space Kit
  • A Mini Telescope
  • Mini Space Mission board game (includes, dice, counters and instructions)
  • Pencil and Crayons

I’m A Mini Explorer

Your child’s mini beast adventure begins here! This box will take them on a journey into the world of mini beasts! They can use the activity scrapbook and bug hunting kit to enjoy exploring those mini beasts.

The I’m A Mini Explorer box includes:

  • The I’m A Mini Explorer Scrapbook (includes activities and Certificate of Achievement)
  • A Bug Hunting Kit
  • A Mini Bee Battle game (includes dice, counters and instructions)
  • Pencil and Crayons

I’m A Mini Footballer

Your child’s footballer adventure begins here! Using their scrapbook and football equipment, they can have also lots of fun learning about and playing football.

The I’m A Mini Footballer box includes:

  • The I’m A Mini Footballer Scrapbook (includes football activities and Certificate of Achievement)
  • Football Equipment
  • A Mini Blow Football game (includes 2 straws, 1 mini football, mini football pitch and instructions)
  • Pencil and Crayons

I’m A Mini Baker

Your child can have lots of fun with our Mini Baker box, making recipes, playing games and completing colouring and designing activities.

The I’m A Mini Baker box includes:

  • My I’m A Mini Baker Scrapbook (includes activities and Certificate of Achievement)
  • Baking Equipment
  • Bunting
  • Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake game
  • Pencil and Crayons

All of our boxes are priced at £20.00

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